Dr Asa Don Brown Discusses “Waiting To Live”

Posted on 11/24/2011 by Allen Cardoza

Dr. Asa Don Brown spoke to Dr. Melody Foxx on LA Talk Radio about his new self-help book, “Waiting To Live.” His latest book focuses on creating unconditional love by changing your thinking. He also reveals a way to change your inner life by learning to forgive and staying open to happiness.

The author has studied the concepts of love and forgiveness. On the radio show, he challenged people to find a way to change their thinking so that they could begin living more fully.

Dr. Brown spoke about how happiness is finding peace within regardless of what is happening in our lives. He described how to deal with obstacles by retraining our thoughts, moving from negativity to positivity, from doubt to hope, and from fear to love. If we are always waiting to live, we will never discover a fulfilling life. We must overcome the fears that keep us from living the life that we truly desire.

The author said his book describes how our inner spirit is like Jiminy Cricket, constantly urging us to move beyond our own self-imposed limits. By taking personal responsibility, we choose not to be offended by other people’s thoughts and behavior. By loving and accepting ourselves, we choose to find a way to love and accept others.

He has successfully managed to blend his own profound insights with ancient wisdom and contemporary psychology to produce a unique, lucid, and pragmatic work. “Waiting to Live” will undoubtedly inspire, educate, and edify.

Dr. Brown is a professional therapist. He also works as inspirational and motivational speaker, as well as an author and life coach. He has a doctorate in clinical psychology and has offices in both British Columbia and Washington State. He frequently teaches and lectures in colleges, undergraduate universities, post-graduate schools. He has often consulted government agencies, welfare organizations, law firms, medical schools, clinics, and religious organizations on issues related to psychology. Today, he regularly assists businesses and entrepreneurs to succeed and get ahead in their enterprises.

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