My perspective on the #Olympics. While there are various perspectives on the Olympics, the one greatest truth is that the Olympics has an ability of bringing humanity together.   
As a youth, I had an opportunity to be a part of the U.S. Olympic Marching Band. In 1989, Oklahoma hosted an Olympic Festival that reached well beyond the borders of that incredible state. As a member of the High School Allstar Marching Band, I felt inspired by all those who attended, the athletes who competed, and those who were guests of this grand event (Pres. Ronald Reagan, Bob Hope, Patti Page, Roger Miller, The Oak Ridge Boys, Jim Kelly, Lorianne Crook, Charlie Chase, Cheryl Daly, U.S. Marine Marching Band, etc.) 

This #Olympic event left an awesome impression upon my life. I encourage you to reach for the stars and to dream the big dreams.