Holiday Blues (Canadian Counselling & Psych)

The Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association / L’Association canadienne de counseling et de psychothérapie contacted Dr. Asa Don Brown requesting that Dr. Brown resume writing for them. He is honoured by the request and pleased to announce that he’s writing for the national association once again.

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Holiday Blues 
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Brown, A. D. (2023, January 1) “Holiday Blues” Retrieved from Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, Counselling Connect 

*** Please note, Dr. Brown will continue writing for other publications. He is a regular columnist, expert authority and author for several popular and professional publications. 

Human Trafficking

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January is Human Trafficking Awareness month. Please join me in bringing awareness to this most egregious issue.

“Human Trafficking is not only an Injustice to the Victim, but it is an Injustice unto the Families and
Friends of that Victim.” ~ Dr. Asa Don Brown

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Force For Good: Homelessness

“Homelessness is not a choice, but rather a journey that many find themselves in.” – Dr. Asa Don Brown

Please support the people & charities helping others. #homeless #homelessness #charity The Tiny House Project Project HOME Northern Nevada HOPES Covenant House International Homeless Advocacy Project homeless #homelessness #journey #TinyHomes #TinyHomesProject #ForceForGood #asadonbrown

CBC Radio: Halloween and Children

Halloween make-believe lets children explore their creativity and identity in a safe, non-judgmental way, according to New York-based clinical psychologist
Dr. Asa Don Brown.

“It can really be significant, from a psychological standpoint, [in] providing a little insight into who we are,” he explained.

How are you celebrating Halloween this year?

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